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October 2010

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Jessica Alba

I'm going crazy :| + birthday

So today is the last day of the year.. and out of no where, things are going crazy at work.. EVERYBODY wants something! :S things that could have been done yesterday or a week before and aren't urgent (which means it could wait till next week)..  This is my first break since 7AM (its now 1:24 exactly as I'm writing this) .. but I'll be stuck after working hours because some of the "colleagues" have gone out on unplanned leaves (which my boss weirdly approved) and out of 5 engineers, there are only two of us and that guy is finding ways to dump work on me :(

Can't wait till the day is over though :S and I won't be able to celebrate New Year's eve as I want because I have work to do (annual backup of servers and services) and will have to get up before 6:30 tomorrow morning (1/1/2009) to check if the systems are working .. once thats done, I'll be able to breath :D

on a different note, its my younger sister's birthday on the 2nd of January :D we've made a reservation for the party @ TGI Friday's (cuz they go crazy noisy and all hehe) .. I still didn't find her a present :S  I don't know what to get her yet.. she kindda bought everything she had in mind lately LOL

So... how is everyone going to spend their new year's eve? :D I hope everyone has fun tonight and may you all have a fantastic new year :D

me :)


Happy 2009!!! My husband and I stayed at home and watched the fireworks on tv. We had a nice night.

How was your sisiters birthday? What did you decide to give her?
*yaaa* fireworks ^_^

Its today actually.. I've decided to give her an iPod touch because she has always wanted one but never got a chance to buy it herself. I hope she likes it :) its still 9:40 am here, so I'll know tonight :D
Oh, wow! I'm sure she'll love that present!!!