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October 2010

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red dress

I got sick :(

 Last week the weather was crazy and we had a lot of sand storms and I ended up with a lung infection and was ordered complete "bed rest" for 4 days (added to two days of the weekend = 6 days) .. although I was excited about the amount of rest days, I couldn't enjoy them becasue I simply couldn't breath.. I had to go to the hospital twice a day to have a nebulizer session  (of 10/15 minutes) ..  at that time, I would have done anything to get my lungs to function, lol.. the capacity was cut down to a painful 10%.. couldn't breath at all. 

anyway, i'm somewhat better now and can breath without the sharp pain .. but  I went back to work on Sunday barely able to concentrate, and on monday my second cousin texted to tell me that his mom had passed away. I went to the funeral, it was very sad. she was an old lady and had lived a full life, but will greately be missed for she was a very careing and loving person. May she rest in peace. 


Thank you very much Elijah
I really hope you get better soon!

I couldn't imagine how shitty must be not being able to breath =S Brrr.

Thanks dear, I'm doing much better now :)
That's terrible. I'm very sorry to hear about your aunt. How is the family coping?

Glad that you are feeling a bit better now. Take care and get plenty of rest.
Thank you Megan.. my family is doing better now. My mom took it really bad because she that aunt was like a second mother to her, and now she has lost both.

one of my cousins (the guy) seems to be doing better and has gone back to work, but his sister hasn't. it will take time, thats for sure.

today I'm feeling much better actually, I'm off one of the inhalers but still have to use a different type + pills. My doc has gone on holiday and will be back next week, so I'll be getting more tests (but I have to go and deal with a different insurance company.. *sigh* lots of work!)
I'm glad that you and your family are doing better.

Take good care of yourself.